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Attention for registered TMeter users! To use version 18.x you need to have new registration key. According our policy of two years free upgrade, you will be allowed to use version 18.x if you purchase TMeter license after 04.03.2016. New registration keys will be sent on email specified during registration. If you don't recieve any messages from us, drop email to request new key. Users who purchased TMeter license prior 04.03.2016 will receive coupons for upgrading with 60% discount from base price.

TMeter 18.0.875 (03/04/2018)

TMeter 16.0.860 (07/30/2016)

  • Fixed bug with displaying the filterset with more that 255 filters

TMeter 16.0.857 (03/19/2016)

  • Full support for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • New packet capture engine based on NDIS 6.x specification

TMeter 15.0.784 (04/14/2015)

  • GRE-parser refactoring

TMeter 15.0.776 (03/30/2015)

  • TMeter 15.0 is completely new code base with high stalibily and security. Source code was splitted into two parts - application and framework. Source code of the framework published at GitHub
  • This version doesn't contain significantly new features however the amount of changed code is the most among all TMeter's releases.

TMeter 13.2.659 (05/17/2013)

  • DHCP server settings dialog greatly improved
  • Fixed small bugs in DHCP server appeared in release 13.0

TMeter 13.1.656 (05/06/2013)

  • Imporoved algorithm for detecting IP adress of public network adapter (will be useful in cases when NAT is enabled and IP address for public network adapters is assigned automatically)
  • Updated base of MAC vendors (used in feature "Host Monitoring")

TMeter 13.0.643 (04/05/2013)

  • Fixed bug in 13.0.641 that prevents selection some types of network adapters for capture

TMeter 13.0.641 (03/31/2013)

  • Implemented built-in Proxy Server. It lets to filter web-sites based on Google web-site classification.

TMeter 12.5.625 (10/21/2012)

  • Added feature of selecting a type of packet capture driver (for compatibility with PPPoE connections or VMWare virtual network adapters)
  • Fixed bug with crashing TMeter service when Host Header Logging is enabled via Netflow adapter
  • Fixed bug with awaking TMeter from sleeping (hibernate) mode

TMeter 12.4.623 (09/07/2012)

  • New feature "Host monitoring" lets to scan all computers in given address range
  • Cisco Netflow v.9 support
  • Virtual VMWare network adapters support
  • Windows 8 compatibility
  • It is allowed to use 4 filters in TMeter Freeware Edition

TMeter 11.3.589 (04/30/2011)

  • Shaper optimization: lower CPU usage and less packet latency
  • DriverManager improvements

TMeter 11.1.584 (03/06/2011)

  • Added DHCP Server
  • Online viewing traffic by any process on local PC
  • Sorting columns by click on grid header in TMeter Administrative Console

TMeter 10.2.566 (05/31/2010)

  • New feature: Traffic accounting/blocking by process name on the local computer or by user name in the Windows terminal server
  • New feature: Traffic accounting by VPN (PPP) connection name
  • New feature: Dynamic shaper
  • Netflow collector small improvements

TMeter 9.3.546 (10/14/2009)

Attention! This version has new packet capture driver and requires a reboot in case of upgrading from previuos TMeter version.

  • Microsoft Windows 7 ready
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Kaspersky software
  • New feature: change a speed in filter when traffic counters are reached a specified limit

TMeter 9.2.534 (05/25/2009)

  • New feature: Collecting network traffic using Cisco Netflow Protocol v.5
  • Traffic shaper throughput is increased up to 50 megabit per second

TMeter 9.0.529 (02/28/2009)

  • New feature: URL Filtering allows to block web-sites by URL address or part of URL address. It is possible to create a blacklist or a whitelist of web-sites.

TMeter 8.5.509 (12/01/2008)

  • Graph is compatible for screen resolution up to 1680 pixels width

TMeter 8.4.505 (11/05/2008)

  • New feature: redirect packets to a specified TCP port number
  • New feature: date range for filters
  • New feature: storing IP Address Groups in external files

TMeter 8.2.495 (08/29/2008)

  • The built-in DNS Server
  • New runtime library (Microsoft Visual Studio 2008)
  • Many minor bug fixes

TMeter 8.0.489 (04/09/2008)

  • Support for any x64 Windows including Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008 x64 Editions
  • TrafReport (the utility for viewing the traffic reports) is rewritten completely in order to be better!
  • New feature: Port redirect in built-in NAT engine
  • New feature: "Any authenticated user" can be used during creating of the rule
  • New feature: Creating backup for XML traffic reports
  • New feature: Squid-compatible format of Host Header log (to use the analyzers like Webalizer)
  • Interface improvement for managing the user accounts in TMeter Administrative Console
  • The significant performance optimization (to reduce the CPU usage) when blocking a lot of amount of packets